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Kier has developed a simple and cost-effective new style of air wipes, to be distributed in Australia by CGB Precision Products .

Frontiersman air wipes comprise of high density ceramic inserts encased in a polymer housing.

The new design for Frontiersman air wipes relies on the controlled use of compressed air, which is allowed to decompress to atmospheric pressure within a carefully sized chamber.

The air accelerates to nearly the speed of sound in a thin layer surrounding the wire.

The wire path is lined with high-density ceramic material for long life. The configuration of the ceramic keeps the wire centred within the airflow.

Kier offers two designs for Frontiersman air wipes, both of which incorporate the same proprietary concept.

The SureShot is primarily for bare wire, consisting of a polymer mounting block with a high density, wear-resistant ceramic that is hand pressed into the mount.

A versatile solution to wet wire problems, Sureshot air wipes are available in sizes for wire up to .400” O.D. fit with two standard mounting configurations and line speeds of up to 2134 metres per minute.

Typically offered with a 2” x 2” x 1.5” mounting block, SureShot inserts can be manifold mounted or inserted in clamped blocks for multi-wire lines with centres as close as one inch or 25 mm.

Clamshell style Splitshot air wipes are based on a split design for jacketed wire or cable which opens to allow welds or extrusion bulges to pass through without damage.

Splitshot air wipes are also appropriate where it is not practical to thread the wire through an air wipe when setting up the line.

Ceramic inserts line the wire path and keep the wire centred within a powerful air stream. A polymer housing incorporates an integral hinge that comes apart easily for service.

All standard fasteners, springs and hinge pins are stainless steel. SplitShot air wipes have been used on extrusion lines as fast as 2134 meters per minute.

Each model of Frontiersman air wipes is sold with its own air filter regulator including gauge and drain so that proper settings are easily monitored.

The standard housing for wire up to .460” O.D. is only 2.375” wide x 2” tall x 3.5” long, and SplitShots can be sized for round or flat profiles up to 4.5” O.D. or width.

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