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GRW extreme precision ball bearings available from CGB Precision Products

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article image GRW extreme precision ball bearings function 100% in salt water applications
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CGB Precision Products are suppliers of the German engineered GRW range of extreme precision ball bearings for application in extreme environments and conditions.

The production of extreme precision ball bearings is GRW`s core competence. While they also design and manufacture a full range of standard high precision ball bearings, these are not able to cope with extreme conditions. GRW is at the forefront of the manufacture of ball bearings for use in extreme conditions.

Even at blistering temperatures up to +450°C GRW`s extreme precision ball bearings operate reliably. They are equipped with special lubricants and coatings allowing them to be used in high temperature furnaces, welding systems, and turbojets.

Conversely, extreme precision ball bearings from GRW are also able to cope with frigid temperatures down to -270°C thanks to the use of special lubricants and coatings, as well as unique bearing materials. They also exhibit trouble free running in liquid helium.

Destructive forces of acid and alkaline baths are also no match for GRW`s extreme precision ball bearings, nor is salt water, making application in the chemicals and marine industries as numerous as the solutions they provide. Furthermore, these extreme precision ball bearings are suitable for use in fresh and chlorine water applications.

Also an extremely corrosive medium is blood. Even GRW`s smallest and highest extreme precision bearings survive this medium, whether their usage be in blood pumps or surgical or dental handpieces, these bearings meet and exceed the highest medical industry requirements. Furthermore, these ball bearings are able to withstand medical and dental sterilisation processes.

Extreme speeds and vibration demand the highest precision and the tightest tolerances from a ball bearing. GRW`s extreme precision ball bearings also withstand these difficult conditions. Vacuum environments such as those in aerospace and terrestrial applications are also no problem.

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