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Barden Hybrid can seaming roll bearings available from CGB Precision Products

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The canning industry presents an extremely arduous environment for bearings. All phases of can forming, shaping and seaming rely on rolling element bearings for continued accuracy and speed of process. In addition to aggressive media and harsh cleaning processes, bearing lubricants must also comply with environmental (FDA) guidelines that require the use of thin organic based oils offering only marginal lubrication characteristics for the majority of the operation. Barden hybrid seam roll bearings, available from CGB Precision Products , address these issues.

Barden hybrid ceramic bearings demonstrate enhanced performance and reliability in this environment by combining the material properties of advanced corrosion resistant steels with those of ceramic balls. Use of hybrid ceramic (silicon nitride) ball bearings in place of the traditional steel roller bearings can radically improve bearing performance.

Because of the unique properties of silicon nitride, ceramic balls drastically reduce the predominant cause of surface wear (adhesive wear) in conventional bearings. Because wear particles generated by adhesive wear are not present in ceramic hybrids, lubricant life is also prolonged. Ceramic hybrid bearings also run at significantly lower operating temperatures, helping to extend lubricant life and increase lubrication intervals. The savings in reduced maintenance costs alone can be significant by extending lubrication intervals by over fifty fold and closures by four fold.

Benefits of Ceramic Hybrid Can Seaming Roll Bearings:

  • Depending on application bearing service life can be up to five years longer.
  • Lower operating costs.
  • Low adhesive wear.
  • Improved lubricant life.
  • Superior corrosion resistance.
  • Extended lubrication interval and increase closures.

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