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They came from all corners of Europe, invited by CFS to attend a special day filled with inspiration, knowledge and new insights.

Renowned speakers from the United States and France explored the fascinating potential for innovation. CFS President and CEO, John-Ole Hansen presented a unique approach for optimising performance in accordance with the Lifecycle Performance philosophy. The practical application of this approach became crystal clear when the new CFS PowerPak, the new standard for performance, cost efficiency, flexibility and hygienic design of thermoformers was unveiled. The guests were particularly impressed with the live demonstrations in the CFS Technology Centre, a factory on a practical scale, where CFS machines were operating on a continuous basis and produced a range of attractively meat, fish, chicken and cheese products packed in CFS Packaging Materials.

Top Speakers on Innovation

At the High-Tech campus in Eindhoven, two of the world’s leading speakers spoke about innovation and its impact on the business results. In his speech, Rethinking the Future: Winning in the Innovation Economy, Rowan Gibson, of the United States looked at four forces driving the innovation economy: hyper-acceleration, hyper-competition, the new customer primacy and the increasing commoditisation of products, services and capabilities. The inescapable conclusion was that there is only one option left for creating new wealth, building new markets and driving future business in this difficult new competitive environment, and that is Innovation. He explained 4 perceptual lenses, which many innovators use to think along new lines, ask new questions and develop new perspectives. And showed how any company can use these discovery tools to find new and unexploited opportunities for innovation.

Professor Dr. Isaac Getz, of France, emphasised the considerable power of small ideas. His message is Idea Management; something that every company should practice. Many innovations originate from customers. These customers often also have possible solutions in mind. They discuss these ideas with sales staff and personnel on the work floor. 80% of ideas originate on the work floor. However, employees only contribute their ideas if management is receptive to them. Good idea management stimulates employees to come up with innovative ideas and implement them.

The promise: Lifecycle Performance

The afternoon programme took place at the CFS headquarters in Bakel, where President and CEO John-Ole Hansen clarified the Lifecycle Performance philosophy: CFS developed a new way of thinking about the future performance of production equipment and packaging materials as well as the associated operational costs. This is a strategic decision taken by CFS,which does justice to its reputation as a knowledge provider. Lifecycle Performance is CFS’ management philosophy, its driving force to offer customers the best there is. CFS works closely together with its customers to develop new food and packaging products. A needs and requirements package is jointly developed. Specifically focused on the customer’s needs, the optimal solution is developed, which results in an individualised machine, production line and/or packaging material. Once this is put into production, CFS continues to work intensively with the customer to control the variables that influence performance. This way, the lifetime of the machine is extended.

CFS PowerPak: a new definition of performance

The spectacular unveiling of the new CFS PowerPak thermoformer fits right into the new CFS strategic direction. The machine concept, which was completely redesigned from top to bottom, responds to the current and future needs of the food industry and sets a new standard in performance, cost efficiency, flexibility and hygienic design. Enterprises no longer need to accept the limitation of one machine. Almost anything is possible with Lifecycle Performance technology.

The new CFS PowerPakhas been constructed in a logical and modular fashion, which provides it with the flexibility needed to respond to current and future requirements. Conversions or expansions are easy to implement, and consequently provide a measure of investment protection that no other thermoformer in the world can provide.

Hygiene is of critical importance to the food industry. In developing the PowerPak, CFS has succeeded in reducing sanitation time significantly. In addition, CFS has developed a unique instrument for gathering data about a machine in operation. The production line is scanned and the data collected can be used to optimise the machine at various points. This system called CostFox can result in savings to the customer of up to € 100,000 per year due to increased productivity. In short, it is a clear breakthrough that was the subject of extensive discussion by attendeesduring the live demonstrations in the CFS Technology Centre.

Live Demos in the CFS Technology Centre

Customers were able to view various live demos in the CFS Technology Centre in Bakel. In this full-scale factory, eleven production lines had been installed which demonstrated the scope of the CFS Product Portfolio and capabilities. A few highlights were:

* The CFS MasterTrack, the new standard in meat analysis. Meat is tested for its fat and lean meat content as it is being ground, making the whole production process much more efficient.

* The CFS Coating Line showing economical and hygienic way to produce attractive coated products. This results in up to 5% savings in flour, while maintaining a clean working environment.

* The CFS ShrinkPak System line demonstrating the packaging of whole fresh and frozen poultry in ShrinkFilm. With this system, customers can generate savings up to 30% in materials and operational costs.

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