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Case ready meat products equipment

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article image Mr Stulb with the new equipment.

IN response to the growing market demand for case ready products, Germany-based Mueller Fleisch has invested in CFS equipment for the production of minced meat portions.

Due to the efficient and accurate CFS equipment, Mueller Fleisch can extend its product range with a quality product.

For this application, Mueller Fleisch selected a line consisting of a CFS AutoGrind equipped with CFS MasterTrack and a CFS CombiGrind, due to its great combination of performance and quality.

The CFS CombiGrind has a unique design, which combines a paddle mixer with a high performance grinder to achieve consistent quality throughout an entire batch.

In addition, the CFS MasterTrack fat analyser, which is fully integrated into the AutoGrind, allows in-line measurement of the fat and lean content of the meat.

Efficient and accurate

In the CFS MasterTrack electromagnetic radiation is emitted as the meat passes through the CFS AutoGrind pre-cutter. The radiation attenuates due to different absorption depending on the fat content of the meat.

The transmitted radiation is measured by a detector, converting the signal into fat content. A PLC with a graphical touch-screen are provided for easy control of the entire batch.

Grow the business

With the plant delivered and installed on time, Mueller Fleisch is now ready to enter production.

Mueller Fleish plant manager Stulb said the company was confident is could meet the challenge of moving into this new, dynamic segment.

“It's great for us to be able to grow our business and secure a bright future."

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