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CFS introduces PowerPak as a successor to Powerpak thermoformer

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With the CFS PowerPak, CFS has introduced the successor to the successful Powerpak thermoformer. The completely redesigned machine concept is the answer to the current and future demands of the food industry, and sets new standards for performance, cost efficiency, flexibility and hygienic design. The new CFS PowerPak is the first CFS machine to be designed consistently according to the principles of the CFS approach Lifecycle Performance.

Outstanding investment security

The CFS Powerpak is well-known to everyone who packs food since this high-performance thermoformer has been setting standards for more than ten years. Now CFS introduces the successor, the new CFS PowerPak, and thus maintains the unique position of the precursor. However, the CFS PowerPak not only succeeds the Powerpak, but will be the basis for all CFS thermoformers in the future. This unique flexible machine concept is set up on a consistently modular basis enabling machine retooling at any time. With the CFS PowerPak customers no longer have to commit themselves to a permanent design when they purchase, but can retool and upgrade the machine when requirements change. The CFS PowerPak thus offers investment security that cannot be matched by any other thermoformer on the market.

Savings of up to 100,000 euros a year

Machine performance is being determined less and less by technical data, and more by optimal procedures.

Consequently, CFS has placed special emphasis on reduction of downtime in the development of the machine concept for the CFS PowerPak. The result is more than convincing. Along with features such as the double-roll labeler and shortened cleaning times, the continuous monitoring of all machine data have contributed to this. For this purpose, CFS has developed the CostFox software, used to evaluate these data together with other customer-specific data. This makes the calculation of scenarios for cost savings possible, for instance. Examples have shown that savings of 100,000 euros or more per year can be achieved.

Innovative hygienic design

There is virtually no other sector where hygiene is as important as in the food industry. Even small advance helps producers meet the demands of both retail and legislation. This is why, further optimisation of the hygienic standards and simplification of the cleaning process were at the top of the list of priorities in the development of the new CFS PowerPak. The requirements were met by virtue of an innovative hygienic design that not only answers to all relevant national and international standards and supports individual HAACP and SSOP concepts, but also shortens the cleaning times significantly. The surfaces of the machine, for example, are sloping so that cleaning liquids can run off. At the same time components no longer have to be dismantled to check the format tools and for cleaning purposes since the side parts, tool holders and protective devices are folding parts and remain on the machine. With these measures, the time required for cleaning was able to be reduced significantly.

Expandability without any problem

In the CFS PowerPak, CFS consistently focuses on a modular design. This not only means that add-ons like printer and labeler can be replaced without any problem, but also that the complete machine consists of various functional modules, which can be combined according to the specific customer and application demands. The appropriate module for every requirement is, of course, available. Replacement of the modules is just as simple as their operation and control. The plug&play integration and programming of all modules via the machine control make it easy.

Lifecycle performance

The CFS PowerPak was developed according to the basic principles of Lifecycle Performance. According to CFS, Lifecycle Performance is the CFS promise to support its customers in achieving their performance goals right from the first moment, from assistance in developing product innovations and reducing costs all the way to increasing production capacity. Lifecycle Performance is simply an answer to the market demand to guarantee maximum performance during the entire lifecycle of a machine. Execution is not easy. In this respect, customers can fully exploit the advantages of the modular design of the CFS PowerPak.

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