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CFS introduces CFS ScanBrine

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To meet and exceed consumer’s expectations about juiciness, taste and easy to prepare products, CFS has introduced CFS ScanBrine; the only brine preparation system in the market that can mix light brines up to heavy marinades.
Improved technology assures easy and fast preparation of homogeneous brines/marinades, recipe standardisation and automatic controlling of the total process. Together with improvements in the field of hygiene and the modular design, processors can even more benefit from the CFS ScanBrine system at minimum cost of ownership.
Diversity in taste
Marination is a way to turn an ordinary cut of meat, poultry or fish into the basis of a delicious meal. Marination not only adds value, it also creates new products with their own unique taste. To make a start to the marination process, CFS ScanBrine enables processors easy preparation of light brines up to heavy marinades for injection and tumbling. The big advantage of the system is the complete dissolving of dry ingredients and with that the perfect distribution within the products. Also, cooling improves retention of the brine in the product and thereby the yield. Temporary storage and transport to the injector brine tank or other consumption sites is guaranteed.
A complete, comfortable and modular system
The CFS ScanBrine is developed to the hygiene standards for efficient cleaning and improved food safety. Motors and gears are placed underneath the food zone, eliminating all risks of contamination. There are no hidden corners in the mixing and storage tanks, it is self-draining and the electropolished ingredient hopper can be filled at an ergonomically correct height. This, together with the automatic ingredient supply, the automatic water dosing and level read-out, make the system complete and comfortable to work with. The CFS ScanBrine can be executed with PLC for recipe control and automatic controlling of the total process. The modular and flexible CFS ScanBrine is available in 2 basic dimensions and 5 volumes, from 500 up to 5.000 liters, which makes it easy to expand the system and increase capacity when the need arises.
Turn brine into money
The CFS ScanBrine offers all the benefits required for producing optimal brines and marinade in a safe and cost effective way, enabling processors to turn brine into money.

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