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CONVEYING, comminuting, emulsifying and evacuating - the CFS EcoCut CAP-2 sets new standards, according to CFS Australia .

The product boasts maximum capacity, flexibility, runtime and lifetime. In addition, everything is fully automatic with consistent high quality.

The meat market is requiring even greater flexibility. Manufacturers know that today their customers expect a broad range of products from them - from extremely coarse to extremely fine sausages with perfect consistency, always at a reasonable price.

Precisely these market requirements were in CFS's mind when starting the redevelopment of the tried and tested Emulcoflow CAP-1. The aim was to develop the ultimate automatic emulsifying system on the market.

Compared with its predecessor, the production capacity of the CFS EcoCut CAP-2 has increased by 30%.

If the Emulcoflow CAP-1 already processes between six and seven tonnes an hour, today up to ten tonnes are achieved. Reasons for this include a powerful pump and comminuting system, an optimised emulsifying head and the fully automatic knife system of the automatic emulsifying system.

The CAP-1’s unique knife system not only allows greater flexibility - it also saves money. Firstly, the knives are placed as tight as possible to the individual holeplates. Secondly, the latest hydraulics and control technology prevent direct, literally metallic contact, which extends the life of the knives several fold.

At the same time, the cutting set can be adjusted fully automatically. That means: while production is running, the machine parameters may be changed at any time in order to react quickly to any production fluctuation.

Just like its predecessor, the CFS EcoCut CAP-2 also works with integrated vacuum technology. For the CFS EcoCut CAP-2 the end product is always important. Air, fat, water and protein content of a given recipe can be controlled exactly and in a way that optimises the recipe.

In brief: the ambition was high. The aim was to perfect the automatic emulsifying system and to combine maximum capacity and flexibility with low costs and optimised runtime and lifetime - naturally at consistently high quality. CFS is convinced that it has reached this goal.

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