Pressure/Vacuum and Emergency Vents, Flame Arresters, Floating Suctions, Tank Fittings, Bursting and Rupture Discs and Panels, Level Gauges, Sight Flow Indicators, Sight Windows, Eductors, Tank Liquid Agitators, Special Process Sampling and Drain Valves, Power Station Gate Globe and Check Valves, Separators, Filters and Strainers, Safety Barriers, Safety Signs, Safety Showers, Boiler Drum Remote Level Indicators and Local Level Gauges and Procurement ... + View more


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27/03/08 - CEBECO offers a wide range of valves that include gate, globe and check valves, ball, control and butterfly valves, motor operated valves and safety valves. The variety of cast steel valves offered by CEBECO include angle valves, check valves, globe
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26/03/08 - CEBECO undertakes a wide range of projects that include petrochemical projects, oil and gas projects, repair works, power supply and safety projects. CEBECO offers equipment to the processing plants such as methanol, ammonia, sodium cyanide, nickel a
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25/03/08 - CEBECO is engaged in supplying a wide range of engineering products. CEBECO offers an extensive range of engineering equipment to cater to the needs of a variety of industries across the country. CEBECO is progressing towards better technology and im

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Pennant Hills
NSW 1715
Tel: 02 9651 4220
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