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CCTV Hire and Mobile CCTV services available

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Because of the ever changing world and the need for camera surveillance in many areas and locations, CCTV Hire was created.

CCTV Hire is a mobile CCTV solution to cater for many activities and events from just stand alone and record systems to monitored systems on site or remotely monitored.

CCTV Hire’s Mobile Control Room is designed to work with both its CCTV Hire and Mobile CCTV services. The control room comes fully staffed and comprises of 2 x 32" monitors and 2 x 22" monitors which runs via PC and software and can run up to 256 cameras.

The other added benefit is that all the equipment can be relocated into a building as well as working out of the van.

Mobile CCTV is using CCTV Hire equipment (Cameras) attached to the roof of the Mobile Control Room. This setup allows CCTV Hire to deploy and start monitoring any situation quickly.

Businesses that utilise CCTV Hire’s services:

  • Events (dance parties, concerts, horse racing and functions)
  • Corporate meetings ( share holders meetings and public meetings)
  • Trade shows (front entrances , stands, conferences and meetings)
  • Site sheds (ticket offices, security after hours operations)
  • Tents and marquees ( functions, events and trade displays)
  • Hotels, motels and resorts (monitor foyers and floors of special guests)
  • Building sites ( main entrances, security after hours and equipment storage)
  • Large secured areas (airports, broadcast and high security areas)
  • Police and emergency services (monitor emergency events)
  • Council and Government surveillance.

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