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CCH Australia to publish Failure to Learn book

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As the Federal Government looks to nationalise the Australian OHS system, employers will soon face potential changes that will affect the workplace. For the moment, however, it is important to take a look at the current OHS system and its potential pitfalls through the well known example of the Texas oil refinery explosion in 2005.

Respected author, Professor Andrew Hopkins, takes a retrospective look at the famous oil refinery disaster where OHS processes failed to provide adequate safety for its employees.

Appropriately titled, Failure to Learn, the book discusses the causes of a major explosion at the Texas City Oil Refinery on March 23, 2005 which killed 15 workers and injured more than 170 others, making it one of the more serious OHS incidents in recent years.

Failure to Learn also analyses the similarities between this event and the Longford Gas Plant explosion in Victoria in 1998, the latter of which is featured in his earlier book, Lessons from Longford. It is due for release in October 2008, however, pre-orders are available from the publisher, CCH Australia .

Professor Andrew Hopkins is being recognised by the European Process Safety Centre in October 2008, in recognition of his contribution to safety.

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