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Switch board and circuit breakers from Heinemann Electric

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Heinemann Electric  is an Australian based company that is involved in the distribution and manufacturing of circuit breakers as well as switchboards. The product portfolio of Heinemann Electric includes products such as circuit breaker for HEINLEC load centres, switchboards, DC circuit breakers, miniature RCBO, earth leakage relays etc.

The various Models of HEINELEC multi-purpose distribution switch boards include HMPD and HMP. HMPD consists of multi-purpose construction and time saving installation features. HMP has polyester coated finish and an enclosure depth of 160mm inclusive of the door.

Heinemann Electric’s HEINELEC Welding Outlet Protection (HELP) consists of side lever required for CB operations. It is designed to protect the welding outlets under harsh conditions.

The various types of two pole miniature RCBOs include SA15A, SF15AE, SF1EL, SM15, SM15A and SF15. The width of SF1EL is 26mm. SF1EL is immune to pulsating DC.

HEINELEC mining duty switch boards consist of the HCF load centre, HPR and HPS. Some features of HCF include lift up door that can be pad locked, danger label on door, IP40 degree protection etc. HPR has an IP66 degree protection. It can also be obtained in stainless steel. It consists of wall mounting brackets. All circuit breakers and main isolator have a padlocking provision.

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