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Mining duty switchboards and load centres from Heinemann Electric

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article image HPR and HPS mining duty switchboards

As a continued response to customers’ requirements, Heinelec type HPR and HPS mining duty switchboards and HCF mining duty load centres were developed to meet the needs of Australia’s harsh mining requirements and increased safety requirements demanded by mining and other related customers.

Standard features:

All Heinelec mining duty load centres and switchboards offer the following features as standard:

  • Integral padlocking provision on main switch and circuit breakers
  • Phase coloured I.P.A studs fitted to the escutcheon
  • IP2X protection on all line and load terminals
  • Baked polyester powder coated finish (X15 orange to AS2700) in 75 microns (HCF) and 120 microns (HPR and HPS)
  • Dummy circuit breakers as pole filers
  • All external and internal labels secured with stainless steel screws

HPR and HPS mining duty switchboards:

Enclosure dimensions of 225mm D x 580mm W (HPR) and 325mm D x 700mm W or 900mm W (HPS) offer increased gland plate area for the termination of cables and increased internal area for cable routing.

A double return enclosure sealing flange provides positive deflection from the ingress of foreign material and liquids entering the enclosure; while a high quality door sealing gasket with high UV withstand provides sealing and stability over a wide temperature range.

The HPR and HPS switchboards available from Heinemann Electric offers IP56 (with vented rain hood) and IP66 degree of protection and have proven over the years to offer enhanced protection for harsh environments due to their inherent robust construction.

HCF mining duty load centres:

As a new addition to the mining duty range the HCF load centre offers end users the flexibility to install a load centre with mining duty features in areas that do not exceed an IP40 degree of protection.

The padlockable lift up door offers extra depth to allow padlocking attachments and padlocks to be installed. The HCF load centre is available in 6, 12 and 18 pole capacities.

Rain hoods:

These are optional on the HPR and HPS and provide positive enclosure protection from rain and moisture. An IP56 rating is achieved when using a vented rain hood while an IP66 rating is maintained with a non-vented rain hood.

All rain hoods contain a non-hydroscopic membrane filter mesh material which allows the enclosure to breathe (IP 56 enclosure) as well as preventing condensation forming and falling onto equipment.

The additional lip over the door flange prevents the build up of dirt and dust falling when the door is opened.

Padlock attachments:

All Heinelec MCB’s and RCBO’s used have an integral padlock attachment fitted. These attachments provide positive lock out for isolation procedures and accept padlocking scissors and padlocks with up to 8mm hasps.

Continued development combined with tried and tested products have produced mining duty switchboards which perform reliably in tough environments.

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