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Earth leakage and DC circuit products from Heinemann Electric

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Heinemann Electric  provides a variety of earth leakage and DC branch circuit products. The earth leakage products include RCT Toroidsal transformers, RTD 1C, RTD and ELRM.

The RTD 1C has a dielectric strength of up to 2kV, 50Hz and output of 5A, 250V. The rated tripping current of this model ranges from 0.025 to 25A and this is value is adjustable. The dipswitch of RTD1C enables manual or auto rest.

The different models of RTD are RTD1A, RTD1DA and RTD2A. The dimensions of RTD 2A and RTD1A are 94 x 98W x 108D. The RTD1DA model is DIN rail mounted. The signaling indication is given by the relay tripped LED and the control supply on LED. The time delay ranges from 0.02 seconds to 5 seconds.

The RCT Toroidal transformers of Heinemann Electric consist of 200mm and 110mm split core that is claimed to be ideal for retro-fitting onto the existing cable.

Heinemann Electric’s product portfolio also includes DC circuit breakers. The different DC circuit breakers available are the J-series, L-series and QDC-series. The J-series is used to protect battery and switching. The J-series can be used as an alternative energy equipment and UPS equipment.

The L-series also provides protection of DC branch circuit, switching and battery. The L-series is provided with a test button for the verification of the mechanical integrity. This model uses hydraulic-magnetic technology.

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