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Power savings an added bonus from CBC’s David Brown industrial gearbox upgrade

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CBC Australia  designs and supplies power transmission drives and industrial gearboxes for diverse industries. The company’s ability to redesign current industrial gearboxes into more efficient gearbox options helps save costs as well as delivers substantial power savings.

CBC helped a South Australian mining site realise significant savings through reduced downtime, rebuild costs, power savings and environmental savings with an upgrade solution.

A CBC customer reported that the main drive gearbox on the lead primary conveyor had catastrophically failed, causing production at the facility to stop completely. CBC was asked by the client to find a replacement industrial gearbox.

An outdated David Brown Radicon worm wheel type industrial gearbox, this model was not popular in modern drive designs due to its high cost and poor efficiency and was therefore not available on a short lead time.

CBC Power Transmission technical specialists undertook a full analysis of the drive and found that the industrial gearbox was rated to a maximum of 37.1KW despite it having a power input of 55KW. While the gearbox had been in place for many years, in recent times a larger motor had been installed to increase output leading to the failure of the drive, which included worm wheel gear destruction. An identical David Brown industrial gearbox replacement would have caused the failure again.

CBC redesigned the drive to accept a Rossi bevel helical gearbox that was not only lower in cost but also greater in efficiency. This particular gearbox had the rated capacity to suit the drive motor. CBC also fabricated a drive base plate to adapt this drive to the conveyor and expedite installation.

This selection offered twice the mechanical capacity of the previous industrial gearbox, 77KW versus 37.1KW rating, greater power efficiency and improved features such as Air Sentry desiccant breathers.

The rebuild option would have seen a repeat of the catastrophic failure, which was avoided with the bevel helical gearbox upgrade.

Secondly, the bevel helical gearbox upgrade that CBC engineered had a power efficiency of 96.5% against only 65% of the worm wheel industrial gearbox, resulting in power savings and environmental benefits from reduced greenhouse gas emission.
In addition to providing redesign and upgrade services on power transmission drives, CBC has also upgraded a wide variety of brands of gearbox and various gear reducer configurations including Flender and Bauer industrial gearboxes as well as planetary and variable speed drives.

CBC’s industrial gearbox refurbishment services:

  • Air Sentry desiccant breathers for dust or moisture/humidity exclusion
  • Sensors/ accelerometers for vibration analysis, including cabling and junction boxes to suit site applications and conditions
  • One Eye magnetic filtration options for exclusion of ferrous particles
  • Route cause failure analysis reporting
  • Sealing upgrades for all environments
  • Thermal insulation options for protection in hostile environments and energy saving
  • Drive alignment options, including onsite service
  • Vibration dampening options, including Rosta tensioner
  • Lubrication upgrades, including premium options for extreme environments via Kluber Lubrication
  • Oil cooling systems/heat exchangers
  • Soft start options via inverters or fluid couplings
  • Lubrication systems including recirculation and kidney loop
  • Oil sampling ports

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