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Installing CBC’s range of Martin and Fenner HRC couplings

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Martin and Fenner HRC couplings, available from CBC Australia provide a variety of hub selections to meet the demand for low cost, general purpose, flexible shaft couplings.

The Martin or Fenner style HRC coupling is a flexible shaft connection that comes with the convenience of either taper lock bushes for fixing to the shaft, or as a finished bore and key to suit a particular shaft size.

These HRC couplings offer several advantages including allowing for incidental misalignment, absorption of shock loads, and ability to dampen out small amplitude vibrations, making them especially suited to hydraulic or combustion engine applications.

The various hub arrangements in F (Face), H (Hub), or B (finished Bore) allow the taper lock bush to enter the hub from two different directions. For instance, the bush may enter the hub from inside the coupling (F flange), which allows the coupling hub to be mounted against the bearing on a shaft, reducing overhung loads. Alternatively, it is able to enter the hub from outside the coupling (H flange), which assists with ease of installation.

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