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Innovative fluid coupling range

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article image The Transfluid KX coupling.

CBC Power Transmission , the Australian agent for Italian manufacturer Transfluid, has launched the KX series of fluid couplings that feature very low starting torque characteristics.

The Transfluid KX series has a patented oil circuit not found in other traction fluid couplings, and features a third chamber which feeds oil into the delayed filling chamber via a fixed pitot tube.

The oil is then fed into the main working circuit via externally adjustable nozzles.

The third chamber delays the flow of oil into the main circuit and the manufacturers claim the full load torque of the electric motor can be reduced to 80 per cent.

The low starting torque characteristics are ideal for applications such as belt conveyors, pumps and fans.

The KX series carries extra oil and has a larger surface area to assist with cooling. It is an economical solution to soft starting and bridges the gap that has existed between traction and variable fill fluid couplings.

With safety and the environment in mind, the coupling is fitted with a fusible plug that, if tripped, will discharge the oil directly into the third chamber and not into the atmosphere.

The coupling is also able to operate with various oil types, including non-flammable, as well as water emulsions.

Power ratings are presently up to 800kW 4-pole and there is a choice of alloy, or steel bodies for underground use.

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