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Cooper Split Roller Bearings from CBC Australia

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Cooper Split Roller Bearings from CBC Australia  are an ideal solution for trapped applications and limited access locations. Cooper Split Roller bearings have cylindrical rollers with modified line contact and have their main components made in halves.

Simple assembly of these halves around the shaft eliminates axial threading, special machining, threaded portions and locknuts involved with solid bearings. It also allows shafting to be designed solely to strength requirements.

The bearing races and rollers are made from first quality carbon chrome steel, through hardened and precision finished. Races have angled joints to ensure continuity of contact with the rollers. Cage halves are made from light alloy or bronze, joined by spring steel clips.

Cooper Split Roller Bearings are easily fitted to recessed shafts, crankpins and other applications where the installation of a solid bearing would be impractical or impossible. The entire bearing can be inspected by simply removing the pedestal cap and the top part of the cartridge housing and outer race assembly.

In addition, the Cooper bearing is completely split to the shaft making installation and inspection simple, minimising downtime and reducing maintenance hours. And ancillary equipment does not need to be removed to check a Cooper bearing.

Applications for Cooper Split Roller Bearings:

  • Marine
  • Iron and steel
  • Mining
  • Ventilation and air movement, cement
  • Power generation
  • Quarrying and conveyor systems

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