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CBC upgrades Rexnord TableTop conveyor chain

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CBC Bearings and Power Transmission is a major supplier of Rexnord FlatTop conveyor chains and associated components.

CBC Australia  distributes the entire FlatTop range of conveyor chains including Rex TableTop and MatTop manufactured in the United States, MCC TableTop and MatTop chains manufactured in The Netherlands and Marbett modular conveyor components manufactured in Italy.

CBC was recently presented with an opportunity to customise a conveyor chain solution for a South Australian winery.

The winery’s bottling line was designed around a standard acetal slat chain, which had actually served the line well for a number of years. The plain acetal material used in this chain had a coefficient of friction of 0.20 for glass wine bottle products and 0.25 against the polyethylene wearstrips, both of which were suitable for low- to medium-speed conveying.

An increased demand for a popular wine product, however called for an increase in production and higher conveyor line speeds. To achieve the new speeds required, the original chain was wet lubricated using a soap and water solution but even with this lubrication solution, rates of chain wear and bottle damage began to rise.

With the winery subjected to ever increasing maintenance costs ranging from maintaining the filtration and pumping system required for lubrication, through to the excessive waste water and safety concerns inherent in the wet-lube system, the engineering manager sought a solution for the conveyor issues.

Called in to review the application, a CBC Rexnord FlatTop chain specialist immediately identified that a combination of new lower friction chain material and corner wearstrips would alleviate many of the winery’s maintenance and production issues.

Rexnord’s Platinum Series acetal material FlatTop chain offered a lower coefficient of friction (0.12 for glass wine bottle product and 0.18 against the polyethylene wearstrips) more suited to high-speed conveying and would also eliminate any need for wet lubrication while also decreasing chain wear and lowering rates of product damage.

In addition, the Rexnord PS Platinum Series acetal material conveyor chain also provided the winery with the option to further increase conveyor speeds for specific bottling demands.

The upgrade to the PS Platinum Series material has allowed the winery’s engineering manager to run the bottling conveyors dry with great success, and hopefully with even more product throughput in the future.

Specifically designed by Rexnord to address the ever-increasing speed and unit handling requirements of conveyors in the bottling and packaging industries, Platinum Series acetal material conveyor chain offers several benefits over conventional plain acetal or polyester conveyor chains.

Key features and benefits of Platinum Series acetal conveyor chains:

  • Lower coefficient of friction leading to longer chain life (up to 5 times longer than plain acetal)
  • Higher conveyor speeds (150+ metres per minute dry, even in side flexing applications)
  • Lower power consumption at headshaft drive
  • All standard Rexnord TableTop and MatTop chains can be upgraded to PS Platinum Series utilising existing sprockets and wearstrips
  • Reduction in wear
  • Minimisation of chain pulsation
  • Complete elimination of lubrication
  • Lower product damage
CBC supports the supply of the FlatTop conveyor chains range with a technical selection service to provide optimal solutions to their customers’ speed, power, efficiency and cost requirements.

CBC offers the Rexnord Chain Calculation Program, which can quickly advise customers whether an application would be suitable for upgrade in addition to offering design parameters for new and existing conveyors.

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