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Small part checkweighers from CASI installed to weigh fastener kits
09.08.2012 - A major distributor of fasteners installed small part checkweighers from CASI as it was previously unable to provide end-users with kits of nuts and bolts.
CASI help to develop a company’s automated packaging systems
02.08.2012 - CASI supplied its SolidLabel program and Oracle ERP Interface to a major satellite receiver manufacturing company looking to install automated packaging systems.
CASI installs automatic pallet weighing systems
25.07.2012 - CASI recently installed its automatic pallet weighing systems in the warehouse of a large overseas food manufacturer.
CASI installs automated inline checkweighers
20.07.2012 - Lakey Packaging recently required an automatic QC system, and sought out the assistance of CASI who installed its automated inline checkweighers.
CASI supplies logistics company with barcode scanner units and sortation conveyers
19.07.2012 - CASI recently supplied its barcode scanner units and sortation conveyers to a major third party logistics company.
Motorised roller conveyers and bi-directional sorters from CASI contribute to sucessful system upgrade
13.07.2012 - CASI recently supplied a company with its 24 volt motorised roller conveyers and SortMaster 100 24 volt bi-directional sorters.
Custom labelling verification systems from CASI
05.07.2012 - Xpedx Packaging required custom made labelling verification systems, and it subsequently enlisted the services of CASI.
CASI redevelops large carton packaging systems
29.06.2012 - A distributor of long and large products was experiencing inefficiencies with their carton packaging systems as the products required handling on multiple occasions.
Inline checkweighers from CASI enhance effectiveness of picking systems
22.06.2012 - CASI recently redeveloped a company's picking systems by supplying 921 inline checkweighers and SolidPack pick and pack software.
CASI supply inline checkweighers and metering belt systems to major 3PL Logistics Company
21.06.2012 - CASI recently supplied its 951 inline checkweighers and 9120 metering belt systems to a major 3PL Logistics Company contracted with Precision Warehouse Design.
Automated conveyor systems from CASI
15.06.2012 - A major logistics company sought assistance from CASI after it required custom made automated conveyor systems.
CASI supply automated parcel shipping systems to Alliance Entertainment
14.06.2012 - Alliance Entertainment recently enlisted the help of CASI, who supplied Parcel Manifest and Common Carrier shipping systems.
Automated labelling systems from CASI
12.06.2012 - CASI recently supplied its automated labelling systems to a company who required a labelling system that was able to apply decorative labels to small tiles
CASI supply conveyer rollers for retrofit of conveyer systems
08.06.2012 - CASI assisted a major 3PL by supplying them with conveyer rollers. The rollers were used to conduct a retrofit of the conveyer systems
SolidPack shipping software from CASI
04.06.2012 - A food safety test kit manufacturer required a shipping system that would guarantee 100% accuracy, and opted for SolidPack shipping software from CASI
Cisco-Eagle material handling use CASI order picking systems
01.06.2012 - CASI recently assisted materials handling company Cisco-Eagle by providing them with order picking systems
CASI showcases leading turnkey fulfilment systems at NMW 2012
09.05.2012 - CASI ANZ aimed to increase its presence in the manufacturing, warehousing and distribution sectors by exhibiting at NMW 2012.
Automatically extract contents from full cases with ABOT ACE systems from CASI ANZ
23.01.2012 - Now available from CASI ANZ, ABOT ACE automatic case extractors are ideal for automatically indexing full cases or bags, particularly in the food industry.
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