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STW named Supplier of the Year in Electronics by Krone
30.11.2015 - Bernhard Krone GmbH honoured Kaufbeuren company Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) with the ‘Supplier of the Year Award’ in the Electronics category.
Sensor-Technik Wiedemann collaborates with m2Xpert for seamless integration of data from mobile machines
29.11.2015 - Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) and m2Xpert announced their collaboration in time for the Agritechnica 2015 in Hannover.
Sensor-Technik Wiedemann presents at the Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group (EPSG)
24.11.2015 - Sensor-Technik Wiedemann showcased their innovations at the Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group booth during the Agritechnica 2015 trade show.
Sensor-Technik Wiedemann partners with Cumulocity for IoT solution
21.11.2015 - STW, together with Cumulocity, has made it possible for its customers to design an Internet of Things solution optimally adapted to their requirements.
Optimum efficiency through power electrification
18.11.2015 - Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) recently demonstrated its comprehensive solutions for power electrification using a transparent tractor.
Teleservice generation for mobile agricultural machines
17.11.2015 - Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) has released the new Vehicle Data System (VDS) for easy access to data as well as storage and analysis.
CAN Automotion releases IXXAT INpact connecting a PC to any industrial Ethernet network
29.04.2015 - CAN Automotion announces the launch of the new IXXAT INpact, a versatile industrial Ethernet PC interface with multi-protocol support.
CAN Automotion releases 2015 IXXAT Product Updates
28.01.2015 - CAN Automotion shares some of the key changes in the IXXAT product line with their customers.
CAN Automotion releases standalone ARM based embedded PC
10.11.2014 - CAN Automotion has introduced the new IXXAT Econ 100, a new standalone embedded PC that combines machine control and industrial network connectivity.
CAN Automotion releases devices for implementing safe communications in industrial automation
04.04.2014 - HMS’ IXXAT Safe, available from CAN Automotion is designed for fast, cost-effective implementation of safe communications solutions.
CAN Automation releases new reworked version of USB to CAN interfaces
03.04.2014 - CAN Automotion introduces an enhanced version of HMS’ extremely successful USB-to-CAN interfaces marketed under the IXXAT brand.
New rugged embedded PC systems launched
18.11.2013 - CAN Automotion announces the release of the rugged embedded PC Series by Janz Tec AG.
IXXAT powers into industrial Ethernet with three new products in April 2013
28.03.2013 - CAN Automotion announces the launch of three new industrial Ethernet products by IXXAT. The products are due for release in April 2013.
STW teams up with Kuka to develop innovative new type of monitoring for floor conveyors without a driver's cabin
04.02.2013 - In an article originally published in iVT International magazine, a team from STW discusses the development of a new type of monitoring for remote controlled floor conveyors.
STW launches new ESX-TC3 controller with new BSP v2.2
23.11.2012 - Sensor-Technik Wiedemann introduces the new ESX-TC3 controller with board support package v2.2.
STW pressure transmitters to suit EN 13849-1 with Performance Level d (PLd) for safety applications
22.11.2012 - Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) has developed a new range of pressure transmitters to meet the requirements of the machinery standard EN 13849-1.
ESX-3XL programmable control unit from CAN Automotion
21.11.2012 - Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH presents the ESX-3XL, a freely programmable control unit with controlled separation of safety-related and non-safety-related software functions.
AGCO-Fendt recognises STW with a ‘Supplier of the Year’ award
20.11.2012 - AGCO-Fendt, a world-leading tractor and farm equipment manufacturer in Marktoberdorf has recognised Sensor-Technik Wiedemann (STW) as the ‘Supplier of the Year’.
New powerMELA drive from CAN Automotion for heavy industrial and mobile machines
19.11.2012 - Sensor-Technik Wiedemann has added an 80kW motor-generator to the powerMELA family of hybrid electric drive systems for use in heavy industrial and mobile machines.
Protocol monitor for CBT2
24.09.2012 - CAN Automotion has released the Gemac Can-Bus Tester 2, a universal measuring instrument for CAN bus networks.
Schleifring G series modular slip ring systems
27.08.2012 - CAN Automotion presents Schleifring G series modular slip ring systems designed for high flexibility in demanding applications.
Innovative single-mode fibre optical rotary joints from CAN Automotion
24.08.2012 - CAN Automotion presents optical rotary joints developed by Schleifring with up to 32 independent single-mode fibres.
canAnalyser-lite from CAN Automotion a low cost introduction to professional CAN analysis
21.06.2012 - Now available from CAN Automotion, the canAnalyser-lite software package provides a low cost solution for Controller Area Network (CAN) analysis in a compact form.
GEMAC releases CANopen protocol monitor for CBT2
11.05.2012 - GEMAC’s CAN-Bus Tester 2 is a universal measuring instrument, essential for anyone working with CAN Bus networks.
New CANblue II/Generic for wireless connection of CAN systems
02.05.2012 - IXXAT presents the new CANblue II/Generic to offer an intelligent CAN/Bluetooth module providing bridge as well as gateway operation modes.
New CANopen Master API software package for development of CANopen applications under Windows
01.05.2012 - IXXAT Automotion announces the updated and expanded CANopen Master API V6 software, which along with the active CAN interfaces supports IXXAT’s low-priced passive interfaces.
SIL-2 compliant programmable controllers from CAN Automotion for mobile and industrial applications
28.03.2012 - Available in Australia from CAN Automotion, the ESX-3XM programmable controllers manufactured by Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH (STW) are designed for mobile machines
CAN Automotion offers PCI Express interface cards for bus systems
22.03.2011 - Suitable for use with a range of bus systems, CAN-IB100/PCIe field bus interface cards are manufactured by IXXAT Automation, and available in Australia from CAN Automotion
SCHLEIFRING’s Non-Contact Slip Rings for Power and Data Transmission from CAN Automotion
16.03.2011 - SCHLEIFRING’s new range of non-contact slip rings for power and data transmission is available from CAN Automotion.
STW powerMELA Hybrid Electric System offered by CAN Automotion
02.03.2011 - The hybrid drive, or the combination of a combustion engine and an electric drive offers environment-friendly mobility and is considered the immediate future of vehicle technology.
GEMAC Acceleration Sensors available from CAN + Automotion
16.02.2011 - GEMAC’s new range of compact acceleration sensors using 1D-vibration sensor in AIM-technology is now available from CAN + Automotion.
GEMAC Solar Tracking Inclination Sensors with Current Interface available from CAN + Automotion
15.02.2011 - GEMAC’s new line of 1D-inclination sensors with current interface K0131-02 based on GEMAC IS1A 45 P59 is now available from CAN + Automotion.
GEMAC Inclinometers/ Inclination Sensors available from CAN + Automotion
14.02.2011 - A new line of GEMAC inclinometers and inclination sensors is now available in Australia from CAN + Automotion.
Cost-Effective FlexRay PCIexpress Interface Card for Analysis and Control Applications
11.02.2011 - The new IXXAT FR-IB100/PCIe card available from CAN + Automotion is a cost-effective and high-performance interface card designed for FlexRay analysis and control applications
NMEA 2000 Support for J1939 Protocol Software from IXXAT
04.02.2011 - The extended version of IXXAT’s J1939 protocol software designed specifically for the development of devices and systems for the maritime sector is now available from Can + Automotion.
Cost-Effective FlexRay PCIexpress Interface Card for Analysis and Control Applications
27.01.2011 - IXXAT offers the new FR-IB100/PCIe, an extremely cost-effective and high-performance interface card for FlexRay analysis and control applications.
Universal I/O Gateway for CAN and CANopen Systems from Can + Automotion
25.01.2011 - Can + Automotion offers the new CANio 500 from IXXAT, a flexible I/O gateway for easy and quick connection of analogue and digital input/ output signals to CAN and CANopen systems.
Can + Automotion distributes M01 pressure transmitters from STW
10.11.2010 - M01 pressure transmitters have been designed for use in off-highway vehicles, and are manufactured by STW and distributed in Australia by Can + Automotion.
Automotive Test Platform from Can + Automotion
22.09.2010 - The Automotive Test Platform (ATP) from Can + Automotion is a powerful hardware platform with interfaces for all conventional fieldbus systems.
IXXAT CANopen Manager Software from Can + Automotion
12.09.2010 - The IXXAT CANopen Manager Software from Can + Automotion is a software package for the development of CANopen master devices.
IXXAT CANcorder MMC Data Loggers from Can + Automotion
11.09.2010 - IXXAT CANcorder MMC Data Loggers are available from Can + Automotion. These data loggers are for the diagnosis of CAN networks and the recording of process data.
IXXAT CANopen Maritime Software from Can + Automotion
10.09.2010 - After many years of experience with CANopen based communications systems, IXXAT, together with the leading manufacturers of maritime automation systems developed CANopen Maritime Software.
Introducing IXXAT Repeaters from Can + Automotion
09.09.2010 - Can + Automotion currently have a selection of five models of IXXAT Repeaters in stock.
New version 3.02 CANopen module now available from Can + Automotion
23.08.2010 - Now available from Can + Automotion, the new version 3.02 of the CANopen module is a revised and extended version of the proven CANopen extension for the canAnalyser 2.7.
STW ESX controllers from Can + Automotion make mobile control systems upgrade
23.03.2010 - Can + Automotion, Australasian distributors of ESX controllers made by Sensor-Technik Wiedemann GmbH, have recently helped upgrade obsolete control system with discrete components, using ESX controllers and achieved near original performance levels,
The CANobserver from CAN Automotion
04.08.2009 - The CANobserver is a diagnose tool that's used for physical and logical long-term monitoring of CAN-Bus plants.
IXXAT announces IntervalZero RTX Drivers for CAN Boards
29.07.2009 - IXXAT Automation GmbH, a leading supplier of products and services for the data communication in industrial and mobile systems, has announced the release of an IntervalZero RTX driver for one of its C
Installation tester for CAN networks
08.02.2006 - CANcheck allows a simple test of CAN networks during start-up, troubleshooting and maintenance. The battery-operated, handheld device is connected to the CAN network to be tested and operated via cursor keys and a graphic LCD display.
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