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New version 3.02 CANopen module now available from Can + Automotion

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Now available from Can + Automotion , the new version 3.02 of the CANopen module is a revised and extended version of the proven CANopen extension for the canAnalyser 2.7.

The CANopen module is an extension for the canAnalyser 2.7, enabling the display of received layer-2 messages according to the CANopen notation. At this, received messages are analysed according to the communication objects defined in the CANopen protocol and assigned to the nodes. The message content is extracted and displayed in plain text.

The interpretation of the layer-2 messages is based on a network model, de-scribing all nodes in the CANopen network. The model is generated either by loading the device description files (EDS, DCF, XDD), by a simple profile as-signment, via online network scan or manually. All PDO object values and SDO data is displayed by the CANopen module in color-coded plain text. At this, SDO block transfer, LSS and Flying Master Protocol are supported as well as Multiplexed PDOs. Received messages can be stored on the harddrive and displayed by using powerful filter rules.

New functions of the CANopen module version 3.02 include:

  • message display in overwrite mode with highlighting of the modifications
  • interpretation of SRDOs according to CiA-304
  • interpretation of a dynamic SDO configuration according to CiA-302 (Part 4); and 
  • online detection of devices according to their profile number.
The look and feel of the software has also been improved and designed more clearly. The new CANopen module supports the current XDD device despription format as well as the standardised profile description files and comes with an up-to-date vendor list.

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