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Introducing IXXAT Repeaters from Can + Automotion

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Repeaters are used to establish a physical coupling of two or more segments of a CAN bus system. They can be used to implement tree or star topologies and for long drop lines. Network segments can also be electrically decoupled by the use of a galvanically isolated repeater.

Topologies can be implemented that would not normally be possible because the lines coupled by the repeater are independent electric segments that are able to be optimally terminated in terms of signals.

The division of a CAN system into a number of subsystems connected via CAN repeaters means an increase in the maximum number of bus nodes according to transceiver output capabilities.

Use of repeaters does not affect the real-time behaviour of a system because in terms of transmission behaviour they correspond to a network that consists only of lines.

Repeaters can be used to couple different physical CAN layers by way of high/low speed repeaters, optical repeaters or optical star couplers.

IXXAT repeaters have an additional monitoring feature. Connected network segments that are disturbed by permanent dominant levels are detected and then automatically disconnected. This enables the remaining network to continue to function as per normal. After the fault has been eliminated, the operation of a disconnected segment is detected and the segment is automatically reconnected to the network.

Five models of repeaters are currently available from Can + Automotion:

  • CAN Repeater
  • CAN-CR200
  • CAN-CR210/FO
  • CAN-CR220
  • FO Repeater

IXXAT also offers repeater technology for licensed integration into customer hardware.

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