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IXXAT CANopen Maritime Software from Can + Automotion

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IXXAT CANopen Maritime Software has been designed specifically for the development of CANopen devices for maritime applications as well as areas of application which require redundant communication mechanisms according to CANopen specification CiA 302.

The IXXAT software packages available from Can + Automation incorporate a full range of functions based on:

  • CANopen specification CiA 307, the CANopen framework for maritime electronics
  • CANopen specification CiA 301, the CANopen application layer and communication profile
  • CANopen specification CiA 302, the CANopen additional application layer functions

The software has been specially designed for the increased safety requirements essential in maritime automation. The design enables the quick development of CANopen maritime slave or master devices as well as a modular software structure with comprehensive configuration and scaling capabilities.

The software is clearly structured and has a simple programming interface for integration in application programs. It is also more portable than other micro controllers and CAN controllers.

IXXAT CANopen Maritime Software is available in slave or master/slave versions. The master/slave software package contains the full set of functions and can be used for both the development of pure slave devices and for simple master devices.

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