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IXXAT CANopen Manager Software from Can + Automotion

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IXXAT CANopen Manager Software from Can + Automotion is a software package that allows the implementation of CANopen master or CANopen manager devices. Such devices can then be operated with master and/or slave functionality.

The software package exhibits comprehensive functionality based on CANopen specification CiA 301 - CANopen application layer and communication profile.

IXXAT CANopen Manager Software has complete CANopen master functionality with standardised boot-up procedures based on CANopen specification CiA 302 - CANopen additional application layer functions. This function can be turned off during run-time.

The software supports CANopen slave devices according to CANopen specification CiA 301 (Versions 3 and 4). It also has support for hot-swapping of CANopen devices built into the running system.

The simple integration of the application program via the data interface provides process date image according to CANopen specification CiA 302. The software package also has a comprehensive diagnostics interface as standard.

IEC61131-3 support based on CANopen specifications 302 and 405 - CANopen interface and device profile for IEC61131-3 programmable devices.

The software also includes a Local Object Dictionary with integrated management of network variables according to CANopen specifications 302 and 405. All functions can be parameterized via this Object Dictionary.

The IXXAT CANopen Manager Software package has automatic configuration of devices with system start-up, plug and play, by integrated Configuration Manager. It also has easy integration with IEC61131-3 run time systems with and without operating systems.

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