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IXXAT CANcorder MMC Data Loggers from Can + Automotion

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article image IXXAT CANcorder MMC Data Loggers from Can + Automotion

Can  + Automotion are suppliers of IXXAT CANcorder MMC Data Loggers. These data loggers are powerful tools for archival logging of data traffic in CAN systems.

They can be easily configured without prior knowledge of programming with a dialog-based Windows program. They have two CAN channels incorporated into their design for single or simultaneous recording.

Bus interfaces are included for low and high speed applications - ISO/IS 11898-2 and ISO/IS 11898-3. Recording of messages uses standard CAN 2.0A, 11 bits or extended CAN format CAN 2.0B, 29 bits.

The data loggers also include a configurable message filter for recording of specific data and conversion of the binary traces for further processing to ASCII, canAnalyser/32, CANalyzer and CSV formats.

Incorporated into the loggers is CANdb import functionality enabling the easy configuration of trigger events.  Cyclic transmission is also included up to four pre-defined messages.

The large buffered data memory of 4 MB means up to 230,000 messages can be recorded on these data loggers. The memory can be used for up to 128 trace records. Recorded data is transferred to the memory card as soon as a trace record becomes completely taken. Hence the recording capacity of these data loggers is only limited by the size of the memory card being used.

The automatic power down after a specified time with no bus traffic function together with the optional remote connection via GSM module/cell phone makes the IXXAT CANcorder MMC Data Loggers suitable for mobile applications, such as in passenger and commercial vehicles.

Cost effectiveness, ease of handling and configuration means that these data loggers are an essential tool for both the long term monitoring of industrial systems and machines as well as for the recording of operation data.

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