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GEMAC Acceleration Sensors available from CAN + Automotion

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GEMAC’s new range of compact acceleration sensors using 1D-vibration sensor in AIM-technology is now available from CAN + Automotion .  

Sudden vibrations in machines, engines or pumps are caused by an imbalance or a small crack in any component.  

Late detection of the fault can potentially result in early wastage, high costs for repair, plant failure or accidents.  

GEMAC has developed a new range of vibration sensors designed to detect these unwanted vibrations early.  

The vibration sensors measure the acceleration (up to ± 50 g) caused by vibrations in a frequency range of DC up to 2.5 kHz.  

Due to the gas between the comb-like micro-structures in the sensor element, the acceleration sensors cushion the resonances within the upper measurement range, avoiding erroneous measurements caused by high self-oscillation and recognising the real vibration within the machine or plant.  

An interesting application is the diagnosis of high speed spindles in machine tools that reach more than 50,000 revolutions per minute.  

GEMAC’s acceleration sensors find application in:

  • Acceleration measurement systems
  • Condition monitoring
Key features of GEMAC’s acceleration sensors: 

  • Hybrid solution of ASIC and acceleration sensor element
  • Sensor manufactured in patented silicium etching
  • AIM technology (Air gap Insulated Micro-Structures)
  • Hermetically sealed ceramic housing measuring 14 x 9mm²
  • Measuring range DC up to 2.5 kHz
  • Calibration of the sensor system via ASIC microcontroller interface

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