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CAN Automotion offers PCI Express interface cards for bus systems

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article image CAN-IB100/PCIe field bus interface cards

CAN-IB100/PCIe field bus interface cards, manufactured by IXXAT Automation, are suitable for use with CAN bus, LIN bus and other bus systems, and are available in Australia from CAN Automotion .

These passive PCI Express interface cards are based on a modular concept, providing a flexible and cost effective platform that can be expanded with the use of piggyback modules.

This provides a level of versatility that is appropriate for a range of industrial and automotive applications.

Also available as a low profile board, they can be supplied with up to four CAN channels, and can be delivered with galvanic isolated interfaces.

For use in the automotive field the high-speed CAN channels can optionally be switched to low-speed CAN via software.

In addition, these field bus interface cards can be equipped with up to four LIN or K-Line interfaces, and for applications that require a higher pre-processing performance, they can be fitted with a powerful 32 bit microcontroller system.

A VCI driver is supplied with these modules to allow for easy connection to a PC, with all interfaces supported by the driver.

The VCI driver also supports all other PC interfaces offered by IXXAT, which enables the user to easily switch the type of interface without any adaptation of the customer application.

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