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The Automotive Test Platform (ATP) from Can + Automotion is a powerful hardware platform with interfaces for all conventional fieldbus systems.

The ATP assists customers involved in specific application software development for the automotive sector but do not have the relevant target hardware.

The hardware is based on a powerful microprocessor and supports a temperature range of -20°C to +70°C. The selected architecture ensures high data throughput via all interfaces with a low load on the main processor.

The message packets can be assigned with a timestamp on all automotive bus system interfaces with an accuracy of 1 µs. This also applies to the analogue as well as digital inputs and outputs.

Currently, the Automotive Test Platform is supplied with the necessary software to enable it to develop custom applications on Windows CE in C, C++ or C#. After successful implementation of the application, IXXAT also offers adaptation or optimisation of the ATP design to the specific needs of the customer.

Application interface

The Automotive Test Platform is based on a dual processor concept. The fieldbus controller is pre-configured and represents the interface to the supported fieldbuses. The customer’s own application runs on the main processor.

Exchange of data between both processors is done via an FPGA. This is transparent for the user as access to the fieldbus controller is mapped via a well-documented API supplied with the platform. The API provides all necessary functions for communicating via the various buses.

In addition to functions for initialisation, starting and stopping an interface, functions are also available for transmitting and receiving data.

Programming environment

The customers’ own applications are implemented on the main processor on Windows CE 5.0. The application communicates with the pre-configured fieldbus controller via the API provided.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 is used for the development of the applications. Based on that, custom C, C++ or C# programs can be written, compiled and tested.

For test purposes, the code is loaded to the target hardware via USB and can then be tested with the integrated high level language debugger.

After completion of the tests, the program can be stored on the compact flash card and is available every time the unit is switched on. If configured in the launcher, the application is automatically started at boot time after the operating system has started.

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