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OVG-4 vapour generators available from CAC Gas and Instrumentation

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The OVG-4, available from CAC Gas and Instrumentation , is a system for generating trace concentration levels of chemicals and calibration gas standards. It is easy to use, cost effective, compact and produces accurate and repeatable outputs.

The precise control of concentration levels is achieved using permeation tube technology, eliminating the need for multiple gas cylinders and thus reducing costs, saving space and removing safety hazards. Complex gas mixtures can be accurately generated through the use of multiple tubes. The OVG-4 vapour generator is suitable for applications, ranging from calibration of explosive detectors in military and homeland defence to validation of personal monitors in industrial health and safety.

The OVG-4 vapour generation system/vapour generator is a cost-effective solution for any application requiring accurate, precise and safe gas generation. The OVG-4 vapour generator is suitable for the following applications:

  • Testing of warfare agent detection instruments
  • Calibration of explosive detectors in homeland security applications
  • Detector validation in industrial health and safety
  • Calibration of environmental emissions monitoring sensors
  • Generation of complex blended gas mixtures
  • Sensor or instrument development and testing
  • R&D and laboratory use

Pemeation tubes enable the generation of vapour from solid and liquid sources, as well as gases. A small quantity of the chemical is sealed inside a short length of plastic tubing. The tubing wall serves as a permeable membrane separating the pure analyte from the background matrix gas flow. The analyte permeates at a constant rate through the tubing wall, creating a stable concentration of analyte vapour in the matrix gas flow. Mixtures are created using multiple tubes.

The OVG-4 vapour generator is supplied with an easy-to-use concentration calculator to determine operating and calibration points. CAC GAS and Instrumentation offer an integrated test platform incorporating a user-specifed number of OVG-4 channels, a humidity generator (OHG) and a flow controller.

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