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Two-in-one meter measures up

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article image Totronic’s digital clamp and multimeter.

TOPTRONIC has launched a new addition to complement its range of digital clamp multimeters. Available from Cabac , the digital clamp 400A ac and multimeter, offers two meters in the one unit.

Designed for professional use, the unit is compact and easy to use, ideal for general-purpose electrical work and available at an affordable price to the professional user.

New technology in the TMB3030 gives it many advanced functions associated with a high-end unit, such as full auto ranging, relative zero, maximum hold and data hold.

Features offered include:

· Full auto-ranging, making it quick and easy to use.

· Measures: volts ac/dc, amps ac, resistance, capacitance, frequency and continuity, diode testing.

· Fast measurements, with three updates per second.

· Auto power off, to extend battery life.

· 4000 count LCD display.

· Basic accuracy of 1.2% on dc volts and ac amps and maximum hold with 30mS response time.

· Relative zero mode.

· Transient protection up to 6.5kV.

· Audible continuity test, for quick open circuit tests on switches and wires.

· Maximum conductor size 26mm, with a 28mm jaw opening.

· Data hold function.

For further technical information on the above unit and a free copy of the Toptronic Catalogue contact Cabac.

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