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Clay milling systems from C5 Systems

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C5 Systems  develops models by computerised technology. C5 Systems offers clay milling systems which accurately machines variety of materials like Ureols and Styrene foams. Large cutters used along with some materials reduce or completely eliminates roughing requirements. Its increase cutting speed and large cutters reduces total turn around time and increases the machining envelope which will eliminate multiple setups. Fifty axis cutting technology makes the machine complete automobile exterior by using NC program per cutter setup.

C5 Systems offers milling systems which consists of a main unit that runs on parallel low-profile plates that are set apart at 3.5 metre. The travel is 7 x 3 metre with 2.5 metre of vertical displacement. The transfer plate is integrated with turntable facilitates translation of the main unit to opposing rail. Large cars can also be milled in standard form and the system’s modular nature allows it produce large jobs. The computer control system is integrated to the main unit and the power cable connects the top of the unit through central ceiling mounting position.

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