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CNC controlled milling machine from C5 Systems

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C5 Systems  develops large scale objects in wood and foam from generic 3D computer models. C5 Systems provides products which are produced by using 3-axis CNC controlled milling machine. C5 Systems utilises CNC controlled milling machines which is able to supply infinite range of prototype parts in wide range materials like polystyrene foam, Ureol, wood, polyurethane foam, machining plasters, resins and clay.

C5 Systems uses advanced technology and provides completed projects in high quality in stipulated time. Increased accuracy is possible by CNC controlled milling machine which allows large parts to be manufactured in pieces and then assembled on site. C5 Systems also has the capability of creating parts from models, reverse engineering or even photographs of replicate or rebirth outdated applications that are lost in time.

C5 Systems produce rapid prototype parts from fibreglass without moulding which includes body styling kits, bumper fascias etc. CNC controlled milling machines have limitless capacity ranging from machining plug for race car body to mould cutting for sculpted bowls, ocean class yacht and moulding of concrete feature walls.

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