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3D plastic prototyping by C L Plastics & Consultants

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The future direction for C L Plastics has been realised with the order of new technology to place them at the forefront of injection plastic moulding through rapid 3D plastic prototyping.

Usually plastic prototyping components can take weeks to make. New technology allows single plastic prototype components to be made from durable ABS plastics in a matter of hours.

What a turn around for the plastics industry, an idea in a CAD file can be a usable part the following day.

Imagine seeing and touching your product when it was merely an idea the day before. This is a great benefit to those who need to photograph or sell their idea before a production tool is needed.

C L Plastics & Consultants  specialise in plastic injection moulding components and supplying assembled products that require post operations in a clean room environment.

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