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Pump system controllers and strobe lights from Bylong Industries

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The Curtis 1254 Pump System Controller supplied by Bylong Industries is engineered to the unique characteristics of hydraulic motor and valve control. The Curtis 1254 Pump System Controller includes an advanced MOSFET power section along with sophisticated microprocessor for high efficiency, silent operation and ruggedness. The 1254 Pump System Controller is designed for handling materials, industrial and man-up platform vehicles.

The Curtis Model 933/3D is a battery fuel gage and controller featuring lift lockout and adjustable reset and discharge settings. The Curtis 933/3D prolongs battery life and protects vehicle components from the ill effects of deep discharge in battery powered industrial vehicles. The 933/3D is available in voltages ranging from 24 to 48 volts dual voltage models are available as well.

The SRD-100 manufactured by PRECO and distributed by Bylong Industries is a drift switch that activates the backup alarm whenever the vehicle moves backward by more than 7.5 inches. The alarm continues to beep for three seconds after the vehicle stops and the sensor deactivates upon forward motion.

The series of strobe lights distributed by Bylong Industries combine cutting edge electronic design and state-of-the-art engineering technologies. These strobe lights are made of die-cast aluminium base and feature Preco's uni-seal technology. These strobe lights are built for operating in tough environments. The lens colours available are amber, blue, clear, green and red.

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