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High performance Curtis Motor Speed Controllers from Bylong Industries delivers reliable accuracy and power in a variety of flexible options to suit your requirements.

Full powered Permanent Magnet Motor Speed Controllers compatible with a broad range of vehicles
  • High performance four quadrant with enhanced with MOSFET full bridge power for exceptional speed and torque control
  • Integrated with solid state motor reversing and reliable braking ability for an efficient high frequency and low noise producing solution
  • Available in non programmable, programmable and programmable with multimode
Affordable and high efficiency MOSFET electronic Series Motor Speed Controllers
  • Intelligent high frequency switching with incredibly low voltage drops for effective smooth and quiet operation
  • Versatile 1209 and 12221B series are compatible for a variety of applications including materials handling vehicles, airport equipment, industrial trucks, scissors lifts and tow tractors
  • Available in non-programmable for permanent magnet motors, non-programmable standard, non-programmable with extended features and non-programmable for on road
Silent and seamless control with Separately Excited (SepEx) Motor Speed Controllers
  • Powerful full regenerative braking to zero speed with SepEx® motor speed controllers
  • Advanced microprocessor technology for increased flexibility and efficiency
  • Innovative 1243 and 1244 solid state reversing models offer two quadrant half bridges and neutral plug braking
  • Unique 1268 controller is available for specific application to the golf cart market
Low maintenance AC Motor Speed Controllers for industrial vehicles and materials handling
  • Adaptable Curtist AV controllers are developed in fully sealed exteriors with thermal management for a complete compact solution
  • Revolutionary VCL motor speed controllers for power and smooth flexibility
  • Easily integrated 1234 models offer a cost effective option with complete control with electromagnetic brakes and hydraulic systems
  • Rapid response 1236 and 1238 models with CAN Bus communications and regenerative braking for light on road, industrial and golf vehicles
Ensuring efficiency, control and affordability, Bylong Industries is dedicated to providing competitive Motor Speed Controller solutions to suit your exact requirements for over 20 years. Bylong Industries information and contact details


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