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Buxton Innicon provides mining services and courses related to mining

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Buxton Innicon  is a privately owned Australian company which provides mining engineering support through its mining engineer, Sean Buxton. Buxton Innicon specialises in concept, product and process, development and design for the mining industry.

Mining engineering resources are provided by Buxton Innicon for a wide range of mining engineering roles in the mining industry. Pre-feasibility and scoping is also carried out by Buxton Innicon for underground mines and medium sized open pits.

Buxton Innicon also specialises in the start up of new mining operations before the start of production and it offers technical support, site management and contract services as well.

Short to medium term technical resources related to mining are offered by Buxton Innicon, where customers have resource gaps of three to six months in the mining operating and technical teams.

Other mining services provided by Buxton Innicon include drafting of mining contracts, development mining, co-ordinating tender process, managing contracts, managing contractors like production drilling, boxholing and raise boring and end of contract and end of month reconciliation.

Buxton Innicon also offers project management for projects related to surface or underground mining such as underground crushers and production drilling.

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