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Buxton Innicon offers Buxplug for sealing cable bolt holes

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Buxton Innicon  offers Buxplug, which is one of the first products designed by Buxton Innicon. Buxplug assists the underground workforce to perform their tasks easily and safely.

Several traditional plugging techniques are used all over the world which includes the use of wooden wedges or spads, cotton waste or wadding, cotton rags and expanding foam sprays. These processes are slow, messy and require time to seal gaps of the cables and tubes.

Buxplug from Buxton Innicon enables the use of simple installation technique which is faster while compared to the other methods of plugging. It also reduces gap that can escape grouts because of its design.

By reduction of grout spillage due to Buxplug, housekeeping on a work platform is improved, potential for grout burns is reduced, maintenance on work platforms is reduced and the cost of grout loss is also reduced.

Apart from these benefits, Buxplug from Buxton Innicon also offers other benefits. The installation time of Buxplug is cut down by about fifty percent, it can save foam usage by about fifty percent and transport costs is also saved by about twenty percent.

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