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Operational audit and diagnostic assessment

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BUSINESS & Supply Chain Solutions Pty Ltd (BSCS) recently launched a unique Operational Audit and Diagnostic Assessment that delivers genuine cost reductions, improved use of facility space, increased productivity gains and improved work methodologies.

Too often companies look at their warehousing and manufacturing activities from an m2 rather than an m3 perspective and fail to recognise that for every 1,000 sqm of space saved a company can save up to $100,000 per annum, according to BSCS.

Undertaking an Operations Audit and Diagnostic Assessment can make a significant impact on a company’s bottom line and is the best way to clearly define an organisation’s operational needs.

BSCS recently spent one day with a client and showed them how to save over $100,000 per annum. Another client achieved a 40% increase in warehouse space. It meant the difference between breaking a lease and incurring large penalty costs versus staying for five years and avoiding these costs.

BSCS showed another client how to decrease their warehouse space requirements by 11% for the next five years allowing for a 5% annual growth. This represented a significant annual saving.

If any of these scenarios are recognisable, then undertaking an Operations Audit and Diagnostic Assessment before making any operational decision may be suitable. Various points to consider include:

* Is your lease expiring?

* Thinking of relocating, expanding or amalgamating sites?

* Do you need to rework your existing facility?

* Trying to determine how much warehousing space you need?

* Need to develop a conceptual warehouse layout and design?

* Looking to build a new facility

* Trying to determine what type of warehouse racking or materials handling equipment you need?

* Looking for a project manager to help you relocate your existing facility?

With over 20 years of experience, BSCS can offer an organisation a unique Operational Audit and Diagnostic Assessment that will improve the company’s bottom line.

The majority of companies who have used BSCS’s services have achieved the following direct benefits with an Operational Audit and Diagnostic Assessment:

* Improved use of facility space by accurately determining the correct type of warehouse racking and materials handling equipment required rather than adopting an ad hoc approach

* Cost reductions through a reduction of human resources, streamlining product movements and eliminating the extent and number of product, people and equipment movements

* Increased productivity gains by carefully and professionally analysing a company’s requirements, choosing the correct type of equipment, identifying what human resources are required and allocating tasks correctly and re-engineering processes to eliminate unnecessary wastage of time, money and effort

* Improved work methodologies by locating inventory and equipment correctly, introducing simple, logical and effective business practices and clearly understanding how a company’s facility should operate and then implementing those changes.

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