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Connecting people to supply chain industry groups, companies and associations

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BUSINESS & Supply Chain Solutions Pty Ltd’s (BSCS) web site (www.bscspl.com) offers a useful way for people to get connected with industry groups, companies and associations that are focused on the supply chain.

If you are a supply chain, logistics, warehouse, distribution, purchasing, IT, procurement manager of even a CEO, CIO, CFO, MD or senior manager you can obtain access to other web sites and information quickly that can assist your business.

BSCS offers links to international and Australian logistics sites, transport management systems, warehouse management systems, government sites, general sites, other publications and glossaries and definitions.

As business and supply chain advisors, consultants, project managers and trainers BSCS were constantly asked if they knew of certain web sites that could assist their clients.

Based on many years of research, BSCS decided to develop a section on their web site providing a one stop shop for people to readily obtain this type of information and be linked quickly to other key web sites, industry groups, companies and associations. They call it a virtual network.

BSCS has a growing dynamic team that offers professional advice and deliver independent, innovative, practical and cost effective projects.

The company has a diverse skill base through a large network of business and supply chain practitioners, alliance partners and virtual networks enabling them to respond to their client’s needs rapidly and connect people instantly.

BSCS’s practitioners have worked for a multitude of industries and a vast range of companies. They have delivered practical, comprehensive and complex assignments.

BSCS’s staff have turned difficult business issues into simple solutions and provided their clients with complimentary tools to continuously monitor and support their business.

BSCS’s team delivers results and is well recognised in business and supply chain communities as ‘The Benchmark In Business and Supply Chain Excellence’.

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