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Professional advice for all round management skills

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It is widely accepted in the world of professional sport that every successful individual and team has an excellent coach. Skilled coaches devise methods to ensure that elite athletes continually perform at or near their peak. You can now access coaching skills from business professionals to supercharge your personal business performance and that of your company:

  • In his book The e-Myth Revisited, Michael Gerber explains the entrepreneurial brain explosion that usually precedes an individual commencing their own business enterprise
  • The individual is usually extremely proficient at providing a product or service on behalf of their current employer, when suddenly they decide they can do the same thing even better in their own business
  • The issue for most people who commence business in this fashion is that eventually they will plateau, limited by their personal level of competence as a business owner and manager and unless they seek help to learn new skills then their business stagnates
  • There will only ever be one of you, with a finite amount of time, resources, energy and skill at your disposal, to move your business beyond its current situation, whatever that is, you will probably need the support and advice of an unbiased, qualified, business adviser
  • Coaching support targeted at SME business ventures is one of the fastest growing consulting activities in the world and is a service readily available in most major cities and regional centres in Australia
  • A coach will normally conduct an in depth assessment of your business and its current situation as an initial activity
  • They are also likely to force you to become very clear about your goals and objectives, you need to know why you got into business in the first place and what keeps you there
  • The results of this evaluation will normally allow the coach to identify both the impact of external forces on your business as well as your own inherent management shortcomings
  • If you are serious about moving forward, it is at this point that you must be prepared to set your ego aside and admit that there are things you do not know and things that a coach can teach you, your way may not always be the best way
  • Stay open to new ideas and ways of tackling problems, there is always a better way
  • A good coach is not there to dictate how you should do things, they are there to open your mind and help you to see things from a different perspective
  • While every business owner believes their situation is unique, with its own set of unique challenges and obstacles, the reality is quite the opposite
  • In most cases, there are simply a number of basic management tasks that the business owner is either blissfully unaware of or has chosen to ignore because they do not like doing them

A coach will teach you the skills you do not possess and keep you honest and accountable about the tasks that up until now you have chosen to ignore.

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