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Direct mail is a creative ways to boost your sales

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When planning your next direct mail campaign, take note of the following:

  • Mail pieces that are specifically targeted at known decision makers who have an ongoing need for your products or services will result in a significantly higher response rate than a junk mail flyer
  • Make a consistent effort to keep your database up to date with as much relevant information about your customers as possible, it will make your targeting of direct mailings much easier and give you better results
  • Do not do mailings just to heighten customer awareness, if you cannot accurately measure the response rate to a mailing then you might as well throw your money away
  • Always give the prospect a compelling reason to respond to your mailing, whether it is a time limited promotion or a buy one get one free, make it worth their while to take the effort to respond
  • If you decide to make a time limited offer, give further incentives such as an early bird discount for those who respond promptly
  • Trial small samples of different versions of the same basic mailing first, then mass mail the one that produces the highest response rate
  • Remember that it is significantly easier to generate more business from existing satisfied customers than it is to win new customers, keep in regular touch with your customer base
  • Persistence is the word to bear in mind, if at first you do not succeed then have another go, some people will not respond until they have seen the same mailing for the third or even subsequent times
  • Use the key words and phrases that consistently produce higher levels of response in mailings, words such as new, free, amazing, limited offer, trial, for you, etc.
  • Use barcodes or colour coding on your mail pieces, so that you can measure which offers are best received by which market segments
  • Do not be afraid to try new ways to get the attention of your target audience, lumpy envelopes that include novelty items, sweets, small toys, puzzles etc.
  • Include snippets of testimonials from strong supporters of your business, it lends credibility to your service claims to have satisfied third parties confirming just how good you are
  • For variation, send regular, informative newsletters to augment your promotional mailings
  • Use e-mail for both promotional and newsletter mailings, giving the recipient the option to be removed from your mailing list, if they don’t exercise the option then keep sending them mail, eventually they will buy from you

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