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BDSi’s assists Caringbah Healing Centre to overcome HRM and internal communication

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What Caringbah Healing Centre wanted to achieve
Caringbah Healing Centre wanted a fresh look at its operating structure, and was recommended to call BDSi. BDSi’s experience and clear communication helped Caringbah to find the right direction for the future of its business. Along the way, BDSi managed to help Caringbah to overcome Human Resource Management issues and internal communication

And the solutions?
BDSi has provided Caringbah with unbiased, clear advice on business matters ranging from marketing, revenue projections, staff troubles, attracting potential buyers for the business to organisational change, and resulting change communication strategies. The results have been more than just a swelling bottom line. Caringbah has gained a clearer picture of its operations, strengths, weaknesses, along with new enjoyment in growing the business it loves.

And the results?
Since Caringbah’s initial meeting, its business has gone from break-even to profitable, and that has included spending on a new business venture. Caringbah has recently asked BDSi for assistance again in offering both businesses for sale. Caringbah needed BDSi’s integrity and
professionalism to complete the process in the required manner. The results have justified Caringbah’s decision again.

Before the meeting, Caringbah had a business with gross turnover approaching $1 million, and
no resulting net profits. Having had BDSi’s guidance through the changes, both divisions
now report healthy profits, and the management now spends fewer hours running the business.

Caringbah has recommended many people to BDSi, and plans on recommending many more.
Working with BDSi has represented true value for Caringbah’s business.

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