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Bushcomm add new products to their Tactical HF radio antenna range

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Bushcomm , manufacturer of HF (high frequency) radio antennas, have announced a number of new products for the tactical HF (Defence) market. HF radio is unique in that it requires no fixed infrastructure, radio and antenna can be carried in a 'manpack', and the signal can carry for thousands of kilometres.

In troubled regions of the world where basic infrastructure is not available due to natural disaster or civil unrest, organisations can use HF for communications. The Bushcomm tactical line includes 'hardened' versions of commercial items, provided in compact rugged packs for quick deployment.

All products in this range are constructed with an extremely hard-wearing Kevlar core, with a copper braid in a PVC sheath.

Bushcomm products include:

  • the Tactical Portable Lightweight (PLW), covering the full HF spectrum but weighing under 1kg
  • the Tactical Tuned Dipole, with throwing cord and clear indications to unwind the antenna to the desired frequency
  • the Tactical Broadband Dipole which requires no tuning, but will receive across the HF range

Bushcomm have also released a Portable Elevation Kit, a tower that can be quickly erected to a height of 5 metres, designed to withstand wind shear and extreme conditions, weighing 5.5kgs.

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