Burwell Abrasive Equipment Co.

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Supplier news
31/12/07 - Burwell Abrasive Equipment Co. Pty. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer and distributor in Australia for Dust Extraction Systems, Air Blast Equipment, Abrasives and accessories for the industry of surface preparation.
Supplier news
21/03/05 - BURWELL Technologies will feature numerous items for the surface preparation and dust collection industries. Featured will be blast machines, wheel machines, airless paint equipment and blast cabinets for surface preparation applications and dust col
Supplier news
20/03/02 - BURWELL Abrasive Blasting Equipment has been appointed the Australian distributor for the Rimex Centret automatic blast machine. The Centret is an airless type wheel machine. Repetition parts such as castings are loaded into the rotating drum. A few

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291 Milperra Rd
NSW 2212
Tel: 02 9792 2733
Fax: 02 9792 2866

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Auqa Miser Bengal Bay Boride Bullard Burwell Cesco Clemco Rimex Sinto Tiwest Wagner

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