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New 2000 INOX angle seat valve added to Burkert Fluid Control Systems line of 2/2-way valves

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article image The 2000 INOX angle seat valve joins Burkert Fluid Control Systems' line of 2/2-way valves

Burkert Fluid Control Systems  is expanding its line of compact 2/2-way valves to include the 2000 INOX angle seat valve which will make customised solutions such as mixing, distributing, and multi-way functions achievable.

These new pneumatically operated 2000 INOX angle seat valves consists of a pneumatic piston actuator and a 2-way valve body. Both parts are manufactured from 316 stainless steel, making it possible to use them with media at temperatures of up to +180°C. This high-quality material also offers optimal protection against corrosion and is ideal for applications with high requirements for hygiene.

The 2/2-way angle seat valve can be used for the control of numerous media, such as:

  • air
  • alcohols
  • oils
  • steam
  • water
  • fuels
  • hydraulic fluid
  • saline solutions
  • alkaline solutions
  • organic solvents; and
  • neutral gases.
In addition to high pressure and temperature resistance, modern valve solutions need to be of a compact design and need to have the flexibility to adaptation to customised applications.

In order to meet this demand, Burkert Fluid Control Systems offers a modular block system based on the 2000 INOX angle seat valve, which can be used to implement complex solutions within minimal space. The multi-functional block replaces the connecting tube solutions used in the past with a new system that significantly reduces assembly time and connecting elements, such as elbows and T-adaptors.

Through the elimination of potential leak paths, and the reduction of material and minimisation of space, the use of multi-functional blocks dramatically improves the overall performance of the system. These multi-function blocks can be used to effectively implement essential fluid functions, such as distributing, collecting, and mixing systems, whilst offering the integration of sensors, filters and non-return valves.

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