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article image The 7616 micro dosing unit.

BURKERT Fluid Control Systems has introduced a range of modular micro-components that are ideal for use in laboratory, medical and scientific related equipment manufacturing industries.

Bürkert's premium range of micro-sized valves, pumps and valves have been engineered for maximum quality and minimum size, with all units incorporating compact dimensions for applications in which space is limited. These include the Type 6604 solenoid valve, the 7616 micro dosing unit and the 7604 pump.

Manufactured with advanced engineered thermoplastic polyetheretherketone (PEEK) and stainless steel, Bürkert's micro-range is rated for neutral to pure aggressive organic and inorganic fluidic media and certified for use in high-grade, hygienic and hostile environments to 55°C.

Many units are bi-directional, to enhance flexibility of system design.

The Type 6604 micro solenoid valve with orifice DN 0.6mm offers fast and precise switching technology with reliable media separation.

Energy consumption of 1.5W makes the unit ideal for battery powering in stand-alone form, or as part of a multi-station manifold.

The 6604 has an internal chamber from 15µm and operates with fluids to 21mm2/s. Design advances have introduced a gap-free internal design and reduced heat transfer and dead volume to negligible levels.

The quiet 7604 micro-pump delivers a continuous laminar flow 1mL/min to 5mL/min, with minimal pulsation.

The pump integrates an electronic isolator and runs with low 1.5W power, ideal for mobile and battery operated systems.

The 7604 can alternatively operate at a single, externally set rate without power.

Just 11mm wide, the 7604 has a 1000-million cycle lifespan and high reliability.

The 7616 micro dosing unit offers high repeatability and is ideal for the precise dosing of micro-amounts of liquid and gas. The unit doses amounts of 0.5µm to 5µm, at up to 900 cycles per minute.

With significant ongoing R&D programs in place worldwide, Bürkert Fluid Control Systems has invested in the development of high-tech micro solutions to compliment its partnership with global leaders including Switzerland's Roche RIC, Japan's Nihon Medi-Physics and Australia's SGE water quality analysers.

Bürkert's micro range is ideal for the medical, analytical and laboratory technology industries for applications involving continuous low flow, micro dosing, probe or sample preparation (eg for HPLC). The componentry is also applied in the replacement of peristaltic pumps and replacement of syringes in pipetting.

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