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Mass flow controller for gases

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article image Burkert Fluid Controls’ type 8710 mass flow controller for gases

BURKERT Fluid Controls has released the type 8710 unit for the regulation of mass flow of gases.

The measured value provided by the sensor is compared in the digital regulation electronics with the pre-defined set value according to the nominal signal. If a control difference is present, the control value output to the proportional valve will be modified using a PI-control algorithm.

In this way, the mass flow can be maintained at a fixed value or a predefined profile can be followed, independently of pressure variations or other changes in the system. As the control element, a proportional valve working at low friction guarantees a high sensitivity and the good regulation characteristics of the unit.

Typical application areas are gas metering and/or the production of gas mixtures in process technology, the packaging and foodstuff industry, environmental technology, surface refinement, material coating burner controllers and fuel cell technology.

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