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With Bürkert’s mySITE solution, easy and convenient access of sensor data is possible.

By storing data on ‘the cloud,’ it means around the clock accessibility from any internet-connected device such as computers, pads, and mobile smart phones. 

Any analogue or digital signal can be easily collected by the mySITE network for viewing online.

Alternatively, mySITE can create a channel for data output at remote sites to be seamlessly re-integrated with your existing systems.

Comprehensive alarming and communication for effective management
  • Each monitored sensor can have up to 4 separate alarms (very low, low, high, very high) established, and for each of those I/O, up to 6 contacts may have any combination of SMS and email alarms
  • 3rd party suppliers can be granted access for efficient resupply at scheduled alarm points for critical resources
  • Alarms are configured via the mySITE web portal, self-managed by the user for immediate and straightforward updates
  • The mySITE system uses the mobile network to capture your data in a simple, no fuss (and no IT Department) solution, delivering raw data and graphical output for trending and improved asset management

OPC Connectivity for valuable data reintegration
  • Viewing sensor output directly on a dedicated mySITE portal, the solution can be used to get data from remote assets and reintegrate it into infrastructure systems, such as SCADA or other connected legacy systems
  • For example, valuable data from remotely located tank assets can be easily collated to gauge precise content and consumption patterns for greater usage control, replenishment and availability
  • Large sites where tank farms, monitored effluent outflow, or other processes are difficult and expensive to link to site systems should look to mySITE

mySITE offers you a powerful business solution when:
  • You need to monitor a remote asset for its state, condition or function
  • You need to record or prove process data for statistical use, optimisation or regulatory conformity
  • You need to be notified of an event, alarm or condition from a site
  • You need a simple interface for a third party to view or record your data

All your assets at your fingertips, the mySITE network system is the perfect solution to managing your essential data.
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