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Loop powered eLINE LPI signal conditioners from Burkert Fluid Control Systems

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article image The loop powered eLINE LPI signal conditioners

Burkert Fluid Control Systems  offer a diverse range of signal conditioners. The loop powered eLINE LPI signal conditioner works with most standard signal types and in one unit without jumpers (milliamps, millivolts, voltage, thermocouple, RTD, resistance and potential).

The LPI signal conditioner is PC programmed with the facility to enter tables for special RTD or thermocouple sensors and input/output characterisations by table. The storage space within the compact 13.1mm wide unit is available for recording calibrations, configurations, locations and tagging the number records.

Full Windows functionality for storing information and configuration files enable the LPI signal conditioner to be used in a simple and straightforward way, with a USB cable accessory and software (eLINE UCI) suitable for configuration of unlimited units. The LPI is designed for 35mm DIN rail mount.

A second lower cost unit, eLINE API, is auxiliary powered and delivers on milliamp or voltage inputs, for a standard four 20mA output.

Used as a converter, eLINE signal conditioners work to transform any of these signal types into another (four 20mA output). With input characterisation tables, this unit will deliver conversion to any engineering unit, delivering the required process output measure.

Signal conditioners may be used for isolating control circuit sections to avoid ground loops, common mode noise and to isolate portions of control systems. The units are also used as boosters to add capacity to overloaded current loops.

The new eLINE range from Burkert Fluid Control Systems comprises of a diverse range of electronic devices along with their standard range of valves, instruments and controllers. In addition to signal converters eLINE includes displays, totalisers and AC current transducers and switches.

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